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May 2021 

Correction to earlier report in June 2017

RICHARD MILDREN and MARY WHITFORD married St Anthony in Meneage Cornwall 1818.

They had a son JOHN WHITFORD MILDREN baptised St Keverne Cornwall 14 May 1820. He married MARY BLUNT in June Qtr 1848 Redruth District Cornwall..

They had a son WILLIAM THOMAS WHITFORD MILDREN in Redruth qtr Dec 1852.

Mary Mildren age 30 with son William age 3 arrived Melbourne January 1857 on board ship ?Appleton? Ship list says ?gone with husband to Ballarat? so presumably husband John Mildren had migrated earlier on his own.  On the ?Appleton? List  Mildren is spelt Meldrum.

Mary nee Blunt was buried in Ballarat in 1866. Her husband John died in Heathcote 1902 aged 81 and their son William died in Victoria 1934.

The rest of our 2017 entry is correct !


( it?s the birth 1820 not 1831 and the marriage 1848 not 1852 , the surname  of the wife Mary  and the birth of son William 1852 not 1854 that is wrong for John Whitford Mildren).

Excuse?..? None?.just double check and then check again. Looking at original notes it can be seen that arithmetic was the initial problem.   Death in 1902 aged 81 and we put down birth date as c 1831 a 10 year age gap that made a marriage in 1848 unlikely so we dismissed it.

September 2019

A man from Queensland found a trophy presented on behalf of the Sandhurst Cycling Club to J S Luke on 1 July 1885 for winning the professional mile race. The trophy was found at a clearing sale in Wynyard, Tasmania in 1980.  The man has it restored and would now like it to return to Bendigo for safe keeping.  We have been having contact with the Bendigo Cycling Club.


Eva Hide of Collingwood was a ward of state in1874 who was licensed out to a family in Corop.


It is believed that a PETER LONG had something to do with the Albion Hotel View st c 1895. He may have been father of CECIL LONG b Sandhurst 1896.  His wife was MINNIE GOLDSPRING. She had married 1887 to Chinese FOOK KUM. They had a son PERCY LONG in MARYBOROUGH 1887 and he served in 1st AIF. FOOK KUM died 1894 and she married as MINNIE CUM FOO to PETER LONG in 1895.  It is possible that Peter Long had some Chinese ancestry but we have not found this yet.


Following the family of ALFRED HENRY FITTIS arrived in Victoria 1853 aged 8 with his mother, MARY ANN. She has gone missing.


GEORGE FREDERICK HUNTER a brewer (Kent Brewery) married 1862 to ELIZABETH HUMPHREYS. Early on they lived in Irishtown near the brewery was on the corner of Mcrae and Chapel St opposite St Kilians. In 1869 they bought a house at 120 Barnard St?(opposite the tennis courts).

The house was named ?Goolwa Cottage? and was owned by a Mrs Blakely Crawford.  Her husband was Sidney Malone Crawford, a brewer from South Australia and he had lived at the mouth of the river Murray at Goolwa, hence the name of the cottage.  He died in 1864.  We have been the house history and remarkedly it is currently for sale.  The hope was that it was the original house but rate books suggest that c 1929 it was knocked down and rebuilt.  Rate value 1929 45 pounds..1931 100 pounds.  Building permit register held at BRAC shows a permit17 Nov 1930 to erect a dwelling valued at 2000 pounds.  Alfred Anderson a mayor of Bendigo lived there during the 1930?s.



Our friends at BRAC (Bendigo Regional Archives Centre) are having a display soon on ?Who lived in Langston Street?? Out of curiosity we wondered where Langston St got its name and this was proven to be an interesting quest, still in the melting pot. Augustus Langston was a Victorian government official c 1852/1866 involved in Land development.  He was born in Pendleton, Manchester, Lancashire, England in 1816. He married in Bern, Switzerland 30 August 1847 to Clotilde Virginie Boucher.  We have not found their arrival into Australia nor have we found any children.  They are on 1871 census at Fremington, village of Bickington North Devon.  He died at Bishops Tawton, Barnstaple Devon 8 Jan 1880.  His wife died in Camden, Hampstead London 14 Jan 1887.

???.Shows the variety of questions we investigate, David Cotton 15 Sept 2019


June 2017

RICHARD MILDREN and MARY WHITFORD married 1818 at St Anthony in Menage Cornwall.  Their son John Whitford Mildren b 1831 married in Cornwall 1853 to Mary Lawrence or Ann Dan. He died 1902 in Heathcote.  Their son WILLIAM THOMAS MILDREN b 1854 was buried in Bendigo 30 April 1934. He married in Newcastle NSW 1876 to ELIZABETH ROUND. She died in Footscray 1927.


They had 10 children and 5 reached adulthood? Mary Ann b 1879 NSW married HENRY PALMER, William John b 1882 m OLIVE BLANCHE KELLAND (variations), Fred Charles b 1885 m KATE MARSHALL, Minnie b 1894 m GEORGE WILLIAMS, Eva b 1896 m W BROWN and ? NAYLOR.


EDWARD ANDREW( sometimes with an S) married Redruth District Cornwall March 1854 to ELIZABETH JOREY?.. sometimes JEWRY or JURY. Came to South Australia and had baby Caroline at Burra 1856, she died in Victoria 1857.  Other children are JOHN b 1861 Sandhurst d Maldon 1865, EDWARD b 1862 d 1868, ELIZABETH b Maldon 1864, JOHN HENRY b 1866. Father Edward was killed in a mine accident near Maldon 6 August 1870 aged 40. Mother ELIZABETH probably died Maldon 1896?? What became of the three children?


It is believed the family were Methodists and babied probably baptised in Maldon Methodist Church.


Grandad?s clock or is it Great Grandad?s clock. A lade has a clock handed down through the family. It is believed the clock is a gift from an ODD FELLOWS FRIENDLY SOCIETY for many year work as a member.  There is no inscription. The men involved are MATTHEW COMBE or his son CHARLES COMBE. Matthew was an engine driver in a mine married to ISABELLA McHENDRY. They had 9 children. He was buried in Castlemaine August 1951. Isabella died 1942???????

His son CHARLES COMBE b 1894 married NELLIE IRENE WHITFORD. They had 10 children. Charles was buried in Kangaroo Flat 1977 and his wife 1978. We don?t know who Charles worked for.  His electoral roll entries just say ?Labourer?.


We are working our way through a very tangled web of the family of ALFRED ROOKE TURNER and MARY ANN LANE and MARGARET DEVINE.


History of a block of land? mentioned in a will written in 1899, but not proven until1913 is Allotment 21 and 24 Section 54c  City of Bendigo, Parish of Sandhurst. We have been tracing the history of the blocks since they were first bought from The Crown  in 1872.


The blocks have had several owners but with the help of Rate notices and BRAC (Bendigo Regional Archives Centre) we have followed the blocks through to 1916.  We quite a few queries about home ownership and are pleased to try to help those who have early Sandhurst connections to fine where their ancestors lived.


March 2017

William KNIGHT b Cornwall 1833 bur Eaglehawk 1903 and Grace BENNETS b 1839 St Just, Cornwall bur Eaglehawk 1903 m 1859.  They had a least 11 children in Eaglehawk area from 1860 to 1878.  One daughter Lavinia b 1870 married Alfred SNOWLING from New Zealand and went to live there. A descendant is wanting to contact living relatives.  Some associated names are WILLIAM DOWER, RALPH WARREN, WILLIAM CONGDON, FREDERICK SCHILLING, EMMA MARTYN and ISAAC SMITH, also WHITE, YOUNG, BENNALLACK, GILBEE.


JOHN SMITH born 1836 Arklow, Ireland and ELIZABETH KINNISON b 1837 Lecropt Bridge of All, Scotland married St Andrews Bendigo 17 Feb 1862.  They immediately left for the Otago goldfields in NZ and had a child there in 1863.  We cannot find them arriving in Australia?John Smith is not even a needle in a haystack, but Kinnison should not be too hard?  They settled in Tuepeka West NZ where Elizabeth died 1888 and John 1918.


HANNAH YELLAND b Cornwall, mar Kaduna SA, WILLIAM GREGOR.  He died Moonta 1876 and she remarried 1881 HENRY ANDERSON HUNT. He died Eaglehawk 1916 and Hannah in 1920. A daughter FLORENCE JANE GREGOR b 1871, mar Broken Hill 1890 WILLIAM JACKSON. He died in 1890 and she married again in Long Gully 1898 THOMAS GILLAM BAILEY and a daughter MURIEL FLORENCE BAILEY was born in 1898.

Muriel had a baby Elizabeth in 1916 and in 1919 in Eaglehawk she married Eric Fredrickson from Finland and they had 8 children.


ARCHIBALD WILSON b Scotland and his wife..(no marriage found) JANET PARKER, arrived Port Philip 1849 with children JANE aged 3 and ANN an infant.  Jane married 1863 Bendigo PETER KUHL and had 5 children. Peter died 1877 and Jane then married WALTER THOMSON and had several more children.  Family was in Charters Towers Qld from c 1880 where Jane died 12 Feb 1914.  It would appear that her unmarried sister Ann (infant in 1849) died in Charters Towers 1914. A son Frederick John KUHL died in Charters Towers 1902.  He had a son Frederick George Kuhl who died in Perth WA in 1962.


JESSE COOPER born UK and transported as a boy convict to Tasmania. Maybe married in Sandhurst 1861 to MARY ANN HALFORD or ALFORD.  A son James supposed born in Bendigo 1862,  They were in New Zealand by 1867.  Lots of untangling to be done.


GEORGE BAILEY aged 49 when admitted to Bendigo Hospital suffering from sciatica on 24 August 1871?said to be born in England and living with wife and family in Kangaroo Flat.  He was discharged on 16 Sept 1871. No trace of him after this date.  He had wandered to goldfields including Clunes.

His wife became destitute and charged with begging.


ISABELLA CLARE admitted to Bendigo Benevolent Asylum 10 Dec 1900.  Residence St Kilda. Said to be 70 and has senile debility. She died 4 August 1901 and was buried in White Hills.  No known relatives. She is probably Isabella Wincey arrived Adelaide Dec1839 with her father William Wincey and step mother Frances Faulkner.  She married aged 22 to Samuel Clare a convict in Hobart 1844.  Samuel may have had a convict brother JAMES CLARE, both from Northumberland. Isabella?s sister Ann Loiusa Wincey married David Martin, supposedly also a convict at Longford, Tasmania in 1838.  She had arrived in Tasmania, travelling alone before others in the family arrived in Adelaide.


 November 2017


HARRIET MANNERING advertised in the Bendigo Advertiser in 1883 for boarders for Prospect House, Barkly St. We were asked to find out more about Prospect House, and discovered that there were two of them. JL WARREN had a Prospect House in Quarry Hill in 1885 and a JOSEPH BARWICK owned Prospect House, Barkly Terrance West.  He had built the house c1871 and then let it out. CORNELIUS MANNERING and his wife HARRIET nee EVERETT rented the house.  He died in 1882 in Sydney but Harriet and 8 children rented Prospect House until Harriet died in 1894. We have traced the 8 children including surnames CARNDUFF, HANNAH, HOWITT, BELL, BENNETT, PITMAN, HIGGS AND LOWE.  This enquiry came as a result of our visit to Colac Family History Expo.


The Imperial Hustlers Hotel, Barnard St was opened in 1873. It had a series of licensees including HENRY MERCER in 1882 and his wife TERESA MERCER 1883/84and 1885. Teresa was nee DORNEY. HENRY died in 1884 and then Teresa married THOMAS SMITH.

We are trying to find out more about the lives of Henry and Teresa whilst they ran the pub.


ALFRED BAXTER b 1832 Staffordshire UK arrived Melbourne 1854 aged 22 and died Sydney 1904.  His death cert says he lived 9 years in Victoria, then 2 in Qld and the remaining in NSW. He in Hill End NSW in 1873.  We are trying to find him in Victoria in the period 1854 to 1863 (9 years) He is thought to have been in Sandhurst in 1857, because an advert in the Addy 17 Aug says a letter has been found in Lyttleton Terrace addressed to Alfred Baxter.

If you do some maths you will find he is 22 in 1854 plus 9 years in Vic, 2 in Qld then 30 in NSW equals 1895 and he is supposed to have died in 1904?so we have another 9 years missing.


DAVID DUNLOP and MARY GILCHRIST married in Scotland in 1852 and migrated to Australia. A son JAMES DUNLOP was born 1853 and another ROBERT died aged 1 day in 1858 (birth not found) Mary died in 1861 in Tarnagulla and at the moment the death of David has not been found. James b 1855 married 1894 to HARRIET HODGE and died 1940.  They had two children MARIAN and ANNIE.

Harriet Hodge was the daughter of JOSEPH HODGE and ANN BURNETT.  She was born in White Hills 1871 and died in Ringwood, Melbourne in 1956.


JAMES SHELTON married Launceston, Tas 26 July 1853 to BRIDGET BARNETT. They came to Kangaroo Flat and had at least 15 children from 1854 to 1876. Associated names are MATTHEWS, WILLIAMSON, JACOBSON, BELL, MCGILLIVRAY, CARTER, MADDAMS, PEEL, MILLER, WHITTLE, TRIGGAR, MCKENNA.


Four persons named LILLAS (maybe LILLIS or LILLIAN) arrived Melbourne 8 Dec 1857 on board ship ?EBBA BRACHE?. They are Bridget aged 16, John aged 19, Patrick aged 20 and Margaret aged 16 all from Co Clare, Ireland. Don?t know if they are siblings or related in some way.  Anyone ?own? them today?

June 2017

WILLIAM ROBERTS and ALICE THOMAS married at St Just, Cornwall and had children Elizabeth, William, Thomas, Mary Ann, Eliza Jane and Hannah Maria in Cornwall, before migrating to South Australia in 1849.

Another child Alice Ellen was born in Burra SA 1851.  The family walked to Bendigo abt 1853. Elizabeth married 1853 JOHN ROWE in Bendigo and had many children, WILLIAM b 1837 is ?lost?, THOMAS went to Hill End NSW and married LUCY BARLOW. He died Bathurst 1894, MARY ANN married WILLIAM CLEMENS in Bendigo 1858 and had 4 children, then died in 1866.  Eliza Jane married 1867 JOHN RICHARD MARTIN and had children in Sandhurst, Rushworth and Hill End.  She died Stanmore NSW 1926. Hannah Maria married JOHN HENWOOD, had 3 children then he died in Clunes.  Her children were wards of the state in 1871 and Hannah died in Sunbury 1912. Alice Ellen married WILLIAM THOMAS and they had 10 children in Bendigo.

WILLIAM JOSEPH CARROLL possibly died in Bendigo 1895.  Prior to that he appears to have had children with GERTRUDE GARCIA? ELLEN MARY CARROLL in Launceston 1889 and CLAUD AUGUSTINE CARROLL in Bendigo 1892.  GERTUDE CARROLL re married in Bendigo 17 June 1896, MICHAEL COMANS.  He was a saddler in Junee NSW, Gertrude died 3 Jan 1938 at Junee.

November 2015

Selina Maude Le Huray b Sandhurst, Vic 1880, daughter of William LeHuray and Elizabeth McGrath.  Selina was probably Lena Le Huray aged 21 in Bendigo Hospital 7 Oct 1901 and maybe Helena Le Huray charged with stealing in 1902.  She may also be Eileen LecHuray who was mother to Eileen McGrath born Carlton 1905 with the father named as Vincent McGrath.

It is likely Seina Lee Hurray is also the same lady who had a child in Ballarat in 1907. The child could be Fran McGrath or Fran Lee San or Francis Lee Hurray. The father is probably a Chinese named Lee San.

There is a death in Ballarat East in 1912 of Eileen McGrath aged 31, parents unknown

It is possible that Eileen McGrath b 1905 married in 1935 to Bert Cecil Langley and that she died aged 73 in Victoria 1973 in index ?Warr?.. Warrnambool?

Richard Penberthy buried in Bendigo 1888 aged 62 therefore b c 1826 probably in Cornwall.  He fathered 2 children in Sandhurst with a lady named Margaret Bruce. Their marriage has not been found in Victoria.  Margaret died in 1882 age 48.  Her maiden name was probably McKenzie and she was born in Glasgow, Scotland.  Their children were Eliza b 1868, d 1872 and Margaret b 1871. We are trying to find parents of Richard Penberthy.  He was living in Humphrey?s Gully, Golden Square by 1868.


Whisky Galore? that?s what you get when you put John Walker into the Trove newspaper web site? thousands of whisky adverts.  We are investigating the family of John Walker and Margaret Walsh who married in 1868.  They lived at Strangways, Newstead and had 8 children.  John was born in Newcastle, Northumberland UK c 1840 and Margaret c 1845 in Kilkenny, Ireland.  John Walker was a blacksmith in Strangways by 1864.  We are trying to find out when he arrived in Australia and what became of his parents who probably did not migrate.


409 Main Road Long Gully is an address on a Frist World War postcard and we have been asked to try to pinpoint where this may be. After several suggestions we have concluded that it is probably Long Gully, Ballarat not Long Gully, Bendigo.  This is just a reminder that geography and place names are important in Genealogy and in history.  Do you know why Strangways near Newstead got its name

September 2015

Francis (Frank) Hamilton MASSIE, possibly born in Philadelphia USA c 1830. Marries in Melbourne 1883 to Mary Ann O?NEILL. Their children born in Melbourne and Gippsland were Frank, Montague, Gerald, Nellie, Hugh, Annabel and Arthur.  Associated names are JOHNSTON, BURNETT, WYLIE, SHAW, POWELL

   Frank Massie practiced as a Veterinary surgeon around Rosedale Vic 1890 ? 1900.  Both he and his wife became ill about 1900 and could not look after the children.  He probably died in Melbourne in 1902 and Mary at Beechworth 1912.

Cannot find when he arrived in Australia. It is believed he may have been a Vet around Heathcote before going to Gippsland but no evidence found.


William Le HURAY b Guernsey Channel Islands c 1830, d Bendigo 1899 had a son Thomas Philip leHuray in 1876 in Victoria with Ellen BOARDBRIDGE nee McGrath b Bombay India c 1840.  This son married 1897 to Rose WEILAND b 1879 Bendigo.  They had 9 children, four of whom reached adulthood.  Eldest son William Thomas was Communist Party of Australia candidate in Federal election 1930. Associated names are ALLEN McEVOY, PETER CLARA and MARIE HUTCHINSON.


CHARLES THEODORE FORBES born Bendigo 1904, son of Lily Forbes and almost certainly illegitimate.  Knowledge of Lily and the father of the child.


ERIC PERCIVAL TREWARN b Long Gully , Bendigo 1893 brothers LEONARD WILLIAM 1895 and ALEXANDER IRA 1909.  Sons of William James TREWARN and Alice GOLDSWORTHY.  Father died Long Gully 1912, mother Alice died Brisbane 1935.


Eric became a very successful architect in Brisbane from c 1922. His parents and grandparents were Bendigo/Cornish miners and we are interested in his education to become an architect



About Sept 1912 ( between 1911 and 1913) JOHN HENDERSON bought a house in Bendigo and moved it to a property named ?WARRAGON? near Deniliquin NSW. We presume it was moved by bullock wagon.


The house id still in existence and is a five roomed weather board with cast iron lattice work.  We are trying to find?.Where it was in Bendigo? who previously lived in it? Who moved it and how?


 April 2015

WILLIAM MANN married 1852 Marylebone, London to LAVINIA MARTHA CANDLER.

Lavinia buried Bendigo 26 Dec 1901 and William in 1911. They came to South Australia in 1855 and then onto Victoria by 1857.  At least 12 children found. William is variously described as a painter, artist, decorator, signwriter and herald painter. He is reported to have painted the City of London coat of arms on the window of the London Hotel in Bull St in 1883 and did heralding work for Cobb and Co coaches.

They lived at the corner of Drought and Mercy streets. W Mann bought his block 26 Nov 1872.

Names associated with the family are WILTSHIRE, COLES, HARRISON, PAHLOW, QUIN.


An example of the usual spelling variations muddle?MAURICE CLEARY married ANNE EGAN  Vic. 1858.

Their children John CLARY b 1861 d 1925, Peter CLARE b 1863  d1864 White Hills, Ann CLARY b 1865 and Ellen CLEARY b 1868??Anne Cleary nee Egan died Vic 1878 aged 43.  She is probably the Anne Cleary living at Leichardt who is in Bendigo Hospital 1873 and 1875.

Her daughter Ann Clary b 1865 married in Vic 1897 THOS CAHILL. This marriage is in Vic index twice ANN CLARY and THOMAS VAHELL and ANN CLEARY and THOS CAHILL index no 2608R in 1897.  They went to WA soon after this and has children JOHN JAMES CAHILL b 1898 (served in 1st AIF), MARGARET ANN b 1900 and MAURICE b 1904, all living in Kalgoorlie/Boulder WA.


THOMAS CAHILL was b Emu Creek 1866 son of JOHN CAHILL and MARY GRIFFITHS.  Mary was buried at White Hills 9 Dec 1876 age 53.  Vic Index says parents THOMAS GRIFFETT and ELLEN DEE. It is possible that JOHN CAHILL is the one buried White Hills 19 Oct 1875 aged 65. He has a headstone which mentions son James died 28 Aug 1896 aged 50 and Michael died 7 Aug 1870 ages 22 bur there is no mention of wife/mother in the headstone.


Vic Index gives parents names of the two sons as JOHN CAHILL and ELLEN BUTTLER.

We seek connections to any or all of the above???????



HENRY DEAGUE and wife with children William aged 7 and Sarah aged 1 arrived on "Africa "1858. Deague was a bricklayer. They came almost immediately to Sandhurst and Henry Deague became a building contractor. He was involved with building St Pauls Church in 1863. Ann Deague was a sister of Henry. She married a RICHARD HARTLEY SMITH in England in 1857 and immediately came to Victoria. They had a baby son in 1858 and Richard died. Ann then married JOSEPH HENRY ABBOTT and 4 more children. Her first born son became known as Richard Hartley Smith Abbott and was a most successful Bendigo businessman.

The son of Henry Deague,WILLIAM HENRY DEAGUE moved to Melbourne about 1872 and became very involved in many and varied construction projects.

About 1894 he went to WA and helped remodel Perth Railway station and then was involved in the Harvey Main Drain project to introduce irrigation to South West WA.

About 1905 it is believed he went to South Africa but was back in Victoria by 1910.

He and his son WILLIAM MORTON DEAGUE established a construction company which is still operating today. The company recently built the Schaller Art Hotel in Bendigo


JANE COLLINS was born 16 Feb 1860 at Mt Korong. On 11 Sept 1873 she married JAMES SAM KEE at Staffordshire Reef, Redcastle. A daughter JANE KEE was born Feb 1874. She was deserted by her parents and became a ward of state. She was boarded out to many places and became pregnant in 1890 and had a daughter ELSIE MAY SAM KEE in Bendigo in 1891. We have discovered that this girl married in Sydney in 1914 using the name ELSIE MAY KEYES...........


They had 3 children in Sandhurst and then c 1878 went to Tasmania where they had 4 more children and back to Victoria where around Raywood they had 5 more children.


William Campbell died Bendigo 1910, Sarah died Footscray, buried in Bendigo 1929.


MARY ANN BURNS married Woodburn Richmond River area NSW 7 March 1884 to WILLIAM HENRY BYRNES. They had at least 10 children.

Mary died 28 Feb 1939 at Kyogle NSW aged 75 an obit says she was born on the Bendigo goldfields. Her death cert says father PATRICK BURNS and mother ANN MCMANUS. We are trying to find out about her early life and how she finished up in The Richmond River area.

Vic index has a Mary Ann Burns birth at "Long" in 1862. Father PETER Burns mother ANN MACMANUS. Our enquirer wrote to us as "Long" and Bendigo goldfields seemed to be Long GuIly. However there are BURNS/MCMANUS births in index John 1865, Charles 1867, William 1869, George 1872 d 1872; Patrick 1874 and the birthplace is Longwood which is near Euroa.

The birth cert of Mary Ann Burns 23 November 1862 is at Longwood. Her parents are said to have married Shoalhaven NSW 1854 and have Thomas 10, Peter 8, Robert 6, and Michael, 3. therefore it looks like they have 9 sons and daughter Mary Ann.

Any sightings of this family are welcome.


CAROLINE MOYLE had 5 children with HENRY PALMER around Wedderburn/Mt Korong 1860 - 1876. Her father was CHARLES MOYLE from Cornwall died Sth Australia 1851 and her mother ELIZABETH nee THOMAS buried White Hills 24 March 1 857. Although having children with Henry Palmer Caroline married 29 July 1867 in a Congregational Church service in Sandhurst to JAMES KERINBOX who was born Cawnpore India.

Caroline died in Wedderburn 11 Dec 1877

James Kerinbox has vanished. . . .Please help find him.


They had children Harriet I 876, Thomas Arthur 1879 and Ivy Maude 1881 in Sandhurst. Thomas was a painter and lived in Garsed St 1881 Family has vanished. It was thought he had died 1893 from an "Ancestry" entry but this is not correct. He maybe in Bendigo hospital 1922 "of no fixed abode" and maybe died Bendigo 1922 ..."Unknown" parents

Is anyone connected to a family named MCLEOD around Durham Ox, Jarklin, Associated names CROWLE, ROSS, GRAHAM, McPHERSON

WILLIAM BUTLER and MARY FENNELLY/FINLAY married Sandhurst 1853... 11 children. Associated names HINES, BOOTH, QUARRELL, HOWES. Lived near Creswick /Allandale from c 1880


JUNE 2014

John ENEMARK bc 1843 Denmark and Grace Smedmore PHIPPARD born London 1852 married in St Pauls Sandhurst 11 August 1875. Their sons John Henry 1876 and Frederick 1878 were born in Garsed St a sister Annie was born in Melbourne in 1880 and the family moved to Randwick in Sydney. Henry PHIPPARD Grace's father was in Sandhurst 1872 to c 1876 having previously been in Ballarat Victoria.

John GORDON married Christina CAMERON at St Francis Melbourne in 1850. Their son Robert John GORDON was b.1852 possibly in Richmond Plains NSW. Robert John GORDON married Agnes Teresa Veronica POWELL in 1877, they sailed to London the same year, a son Alexander Henry Meldrum GORDON was born in Islington London 1878. They returned to Sandhurst 1879, Alexander died aged 28 in Bendigo 1906. John GORDON died c1855 and his widow Christina married in Sandhurst 16 Feb 1860 to Thomas OBRIEN and they had 6 children in Eaglehawk daughter Annie b.1873 married in 1894 George RIMES. 

Rhoda Jane ROY b 1865 was one of several children of William ROY and Mary HARRISON of Eaglehawk. Rhoda married in 1888 to Wm Grenfell COCK he died 1889 she then married Thomas Albert BROWN. Associated names - WILLS, PABST, ROBINSON, AITKEN, LEE, KNIGHT, KEENE, DOXFORD, CRAIG.


 MAY 2014

HANS FREDERICK HANSEN aged 26 married in Inglewood 1864 to LOUISA LEACH.. Where did he come from ? His marriage certificate provided a great clue with a birthplace as GISLEV, Denmark. Denmark has census in 1840,1845 and 1850 and because we know his birthplace and age we found him in Gislev.

We have not yet found him between Gislev in 1850 and Inglewood in 1864 but after that we have him for 40 years in Tarnagulla and then WA with his family.


WILLIAM WILKES from Devon arrived in Australia C 1853 and married CAROLINE EMMA SLOCOMBE in 1856 They had children around Clunes. They left Clunes c 1882 and moved to Drouin where William died in 1891.

His wife and children then moved to Prahran and in 1919 they moved to Clover Lea, Kilsyth as land around the Lower Dandenongs were being opened up.


ESTHER PILGRIM bc 1850 around Albury NSW and married in 1878 a Chinese miner JOHN MAHNEY SUN .Their children born around Wehla are RICHARD MAI HEN SANG PILGRIM, MAR GIM AK RICHARD and DAVID GIM HO SUN. We have lost the father but Esther lived in Bendigo till 1939 and a small obit says she was loving mother of three sons. We know 2 of them... DAVID KINGSTON died Daylesford 1945 and RICHARD JOHN JAMIESON died Ballarat 1957. The other son is missing.

When Esther died her funeral to White Hills took place from the home of HENRY SALES in Bendigo.

A HARRIET PILGRIM married in 1875 to Chinese WILLIAM JAN They had 5 children born at Wehla 1876 to 1886 surnamed JANE. We have lost them after this and don't know if the PILGRIM girls are sisters.


JOHN BLANDFORD died aged 73 at Raywood in 1898. His wife was MATILDA BENNETT and they married in Cowley, Gloucester, England 1847 and migrated 1852 They lived in Ballarat and John worked for the Lands Dept. We are trying to find out what he was doing in Raywood in 1898. Matilda died in Hawthorn in 1915.


HENRY and AMY TREGANOWAN (nee WALFORD) lived in Smith St Bendigo. Their son Rupert sent his mother a postcard from Moore Park Military Camp Sydney in 1917 before going overseas. We are tracing the family back to Cornwall. Henry is the son of HENRY TREGANO WAN and EMMA JEFFREY(s) who married UK 1862 and came to Victoria in May 1863 .. .their name on ship Duisberg is TREGANAN


Family members linked to surnames HORSEY,RANSOM and CULMSEE in Bendigo 1865 onwards are trying to find where they lived. A mix of rates, old maps, directories, funeral notices, school records and hospital records all go towards finding close proximities.

 APRIL 2014

ABRAHAM LAWRENCE born in Canada married Sandhurst 1860 to MARY ANN WALL. She was said to have been born in Maitland NSW. They had 13 children around Harrietville/Bright area. Abraham died in Forest St Sandhurst and was buried in White Hills 18 June 1883.

The question was what he was doing in Forest St. We discovered he died in the house of GEORGE PHILLIPS and the ratepayer was WILLIAM P WALL who turns out to be father of Mary Ann Wall. George Phillips was married to MARTHA WALL another daughter of William P Wall. In 1878 Mr. Phillips is listed as a publican at The Unicorn Hotel Forest St. He died 1884 and his widow married SAMUEL HONEYCOMBE.

They ran The Unicorn till 1898 and Samuel died in 1902.

Martha lived on till 1923. The name of her house in funeral notice is ?Maitland?

So Abraham died visiting his wife?s family in Sandhurst.


JOHN HOVENDEN died Sandhurst hospital 16 Feb 1886, buried White Hills 19 Feb 1886. Death certificate has no information on it re family, occupation, and birthplace.

His death and age date fit in with a belief that he could be the father of a CATHERINE ANN HOVENDEN who it is said was born Myers Flat c 1869 and married WILLIAM ANSON in 1895. She died in Richmond Vic 1934 age 65.

This Catherine could be 7 year old Kate Hovenden of Yarraberb in hospital with typhoid on 7 June 1875. Her mother, who could be the wife of John Hovenden is unknown.


DONALD ALLAN CAMERON married 1885 St Andrews Bendigo to ISABELLA FINDLAY MCILWRAITH.. He was a Presbyterian Minister. Descendants have an old photo album in their possession and are trying to put names to pictures. Front of album says?Isabelle Finley..L.A of ST A.C. Sandhurst? and we deduce this is Ladies Auxillary St Andrews Church and was probably a gift obtained from Marinus Bent photographer of Sandhurst when she married 30 June 1885. Rev?d Cameron went on to be Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church.


PATRICK McALLISTER (variations) married 1 Jan 1874 MARY BALLANTYNE

Took up land selection at Leichardt 1875 and stayed till 1882.(Marong Rate book)

In Flemington are till 1900. Family then settled land at Monbulk in Dandenong Ranges.


HANS FREDERICK HANSEN born?...married 1864 in Victoria LOUISA ANN LEACH (variations) and had several children around Rheola/Tarnagulla then moved to Coolgardie area WA about 1900.The main quest is to find where HANS HANSEN came from

Obviously Scandinavia??It?s like SMITH in England?.



Patrick HALLORAN or O?HALLORAN married MARY QUIN c 1854 in Clare Ireland.

They had a son Patrick in Tasmania in 1856 and another 9 children in Victoria around Kyneton, Barfold area. Patrick senior took up a block in Dingee area c 1875. He was kicked by a horse and died in Bendigo hospital in 1878 leaving a widow Mary with 10 children.  We are trying to link the children to a lady named MARY O?HALLORAN who died in Bendigo Benevolent Home in 1914. Hopefully she is someone?s Great Grandmother.

The children are Patrick, John, Michael, Mary, Andrew, Bridget, Catherine, Jane, Thomas and Ellen. Some associated names are MCKENZIE, MCBETH and PLUNKETT.

Charles Peter COLLINS married Mabel WILLIAMS in Bendigo 1897. They had 4 children Mabel, Charles, Eleanor and Marion.

Charles Peter Collins was an engine driver in a mine but he wanted something more.

His children?s school records show they were at Golden Square, Dingee and Geraldton WA. It appears that dad moved the family to Geraldton c 1908 but that did not work out. About 1914 he took a block at Dingee but drought ruined that about 1920.

His youngest daughter Marion started work at Myers Bendigo in 1922 by which time the family were in Strathfieldsaye.

We are helping the family of Marion sort out the family movements.

Their history does re enforce the point that people did move and one needs to search far and wide.

Footballers John and Charlie JOHNSON played for Melbourne c 1905-1910 and we were asked by AFL historians to try to find their birth date. The suspicion was that they were born in Bendigo either named JOHNSON or JOHNSTON. A clue was that they played for South Bendigo. Local knowledge said that meant they were Protestants and we found them baptized at St Pauls.That?s a bit like Scottish soccer in Glasgow?Rangers or Celtic?and does illustrate the importance of the family history clues that come from knowing their religion in the 19th century.

EDWIN CALLISTER in Bendigo Benevolent Asylum 1878. Found wandering the streets of Dunolly aged about 8 with his brother WILLIAM CALLISTER. Family know what became of William but have lost Edwin?.Help please? The boys have half sister MARGARET CAMPBELL DUNLOP who died Ballarat in 1940

Their mother was MARY GUTHRIE/DUNLOP/CAMPBELL who is buried Waanyarra in 1878.


JANE LOCKERBY SCOTT and John Gaspard FEINT in Sandhurst c 1857. Had a child ELIZABETH MARION FEINT in 1858.

Mr. FEINT vanished and Jane has had numerous children with a JOHN WATSON around Tumut and Adelong NSW. They married in NSW 1873.

We are trying to find JOHN GASPARD FEINT



Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Ernst Schleicher in Sandhurst c 1854 may have changed name to Thornton



Moses COMBS b Birmingham UK c 1837 died Bendigo 1917. He married CAROLINE KENT 1858 and they had 5 children in Chewton area. Caroline died Bendigo 1880 and Moses married a widow ELIZABETH DILLON nee MILLS who died 1914 associated names are MAHAFFY, BRABIN, YOUNG and MAWDSLEY.

Moses Coombs was a plasterer in Sandhurst

Variation       COMBS....COOMBS.....COOMBES......COMBES



London Hotel Bull St Bendigo 1890-1900 with connections to Jean BOURCHIER, MATHER and BAILES. Would like to find a photo of London Hotel c 1890



HORONDA ... name of a house in Milroy /Langston-St corner built in Bendigo c 1900.. .maybe named after a horse or a drink.



Thomas ASHFORD died and buried as a pauper at Bendigo Benevolent Asylum in January 1917.aged about 60 Previously In Melbourne Asylum 1909 and moved to Cheltenham c1911 and then to Bendigo c 1914

He was paralysed. We are trying to find out if he was from Scilly Islands Cornwall.



DAVID EVANS b Montgomery Wales c Australia?? married Maldon 18 Feb 1871 to HANNAH PREECE who was born Monmouthshire Wales c 1853.

They had two children in Victoria and then went to New Zealand c 1874.

ISAAC PREECE married in Wales to ELIZABETH JAMES in 1846 and came to Vic c 1855 with Richard, Mary and Hannah and then had children in Malden.

Some of the family went to WA c 1890.