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Following on from the interest shown at a public meeting in 1857 the Bendigo Benevolent Asylum was officially opened on March 15, 1861 to ‘relieve the aged and infirm, the disabled and the destitute of all creeds and nations’.

As the population aged there was a constant need to expand the building program, but it will be noted that the inmates were certainly not all old people. Destitution, starvation and accidents debilitated many younger people.

In 1896 there were 250 inmates at the home.


THE REGISTERS  1860 - 1941

It has to be assumed that the information on the admission forms was given by the applicant and is therefore correct, but the form was filled in by the superintendent and spelling in some cases is quite peculiar.

 The names in this index were transcribed by the members of the Bendigo Family History Group to the best if their ability.

The group also has transcriptions of the full information as supplied by the patient. This often gives the arrival date, birth place, parents, last residence, occupation, sometimes even relatives. Further information is available by contacting the Bendigo family History Group at a cost of $5.

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  Bendigo Benevolent Asylum